Wireless RGB data from Processing to Photon

Hey! So basically I’d like to wirelessly send quite a bit of RGB data from Processing through to the Photon to display on some neopixels. Ideally around 200 pixels worth of data will need to be sent and then recieved 25 times per second.

Could anyone please suggest any libraries that will make this relatively easy or be able to give me some hints on the quickest way to get up and running?


The Neopixel library on the Build web IDE would be a great place to start, and once you understand how the library pushes the values down the wire, you’ll see how easy it really is to do this (even without a library).

I’d think your refresh rate should be OK with 200 LEDs

@ceido, your are proposing to send 15KBps to a photon which is absolutely doable. You could use UPD with your own ack/nak to make sure data isn’t lost. You could then just stream the data to the neopixels so very little buffering is needed. :smile:

Great, thanks guys! Helpful video too!