Data to text file?

Hi everyone! I am really enjoying my new photon that I just got in the mail. Been able to use the tinker app, write my own code, and publish some simple stuff to the dashboard. I know that the data tab of the dashboard isn’t ready yet, but I really want to record historical data to a page or even a text file remotely somewhere. I haven’t seen this yet for this device but can only imagine there is a way. Can someone point me to some info on how to do this (sorry if this is somewhere and I just haven’t found it yet)?
Thank you for your time!

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Glad to hear you’re enjoying your photon :smile:

Getting your data out can be accomplish in many ways. We got SSEs, webhooks, variables, and functions built in. Then there’s TCP, UDP, or HTML requests. Wired, you could output over serial.

Most applications have some kind of servers which either polls the device for information, or subscribes to data. Exposing an API which your device can comminicate with can also work.

So many options to choose from :smile: Try a forum search for ‘Google’, ‘ubidots’, ‘thingspeak’, and ‘atomiot’. That should give you plenty of topics about services that can gather this data for you.

Wow! New world for me. Maybe too many options and perhaps I’m stuck in a paradox of choice here in a world I’m just getting into. Will just have to try a few of these out and let you know what fits best for me. What looks sufficient so far is to write to a file on dropbox or google docs. Also making my own dashboard would be nice as well for real time display but not needed at this point. And weather underground seems great for that specific type of data, but I’m looking more general data-wise.

Further recommendations are welcome and I’ll gladly share what I come up with.

Really looking for dumping potentially a lot of high temporal resolution data from multiple photons that could be post-processed later. Any other project I do in the mean time would clearly be simpler than this goal. And I just want to start simple first. Thanks again!

This will exclude some options, due to limitations of how often you are allowed to update and how long your messages can be (e.g. direct SSE - aka Spark.publish() - has a max rate of avg. 1/s).

So TCP might be a good bet.

But if you’d also consider going offline, you could go for an SD card, too.

Hey @dmw234, obviously this wouldn’t work for

but as a simple, beginner’s temporary measure I often recommend IFTTT-ing all the data into a google spreadsheet, in case you wanted to test the idea but didn’t want to write your own hookup.

Thank you Christine. I did play around with IFTTT and google docs with the 1-minute resolution max. Great and surprisingly easy solution that has allowed me to play around more with what I want to do. Perhaps I’ll try a moving average to capture what I want to see statistically (or some other statistical representation of the data). Or maybe try recording an array to a single row of the spreadsheet - perhaps 60 second array every minute. The former seems doable but I’m still working out in my head how to report the string properly for the latter idea.

I’ll probably move onto ScruffR’s comment on TCP shortly. (SD card swapping is what I’m trying to get away from)

Thank you all for the comments! This is turning into a new addiction…

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