Dashboard visibility to Variables and access to Functions

I presently use the Particle Dev app to be able to see the state of my various devices and/or run a function.

I also can use the Porter app on my iPhone to do this.

Is there any plans to add this functionality to the Dashboard? It is a lot easier than the command line!

Does anyone else have an alternative easy method?

I built this some time ago for that exact purpose: http://jordymoors.nl/interface


yep, that is what I meant…

I’m building in some functionality that will create some “Global” commands to all of my devices. For example, I am managing whether devices are reporting to my Pushover service for more/less updates, depending on what I’m working on.

Getting a few devices in front of me allows for faster debugging.

Thanks Jordy, nice work.

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@BulldogLowell, you can also look at the Oak Dashboard. Keep in mind that it is open source. :smiley:


@BulldogLowell Oak Dasboard works good. I also found that Mobicle.io has a lot of features, such as seeing variables, buttons and control of functions with arguments. Control Everything is writing it, it is free and open source. Mobicle GitHub


As the guy behind Porter, I just wanted to make sure folks knew that the new version of Porter runs in desktop web browsers as well as a mobile app. (And, provides access to your event history, with event-trigged notifications coming soon).

It won’t be a free or open-source service; but, it is free during the current preview and development period. I’m happy to provide folks with access, just drop me a message.

It’s good to know that being able execute a function across multiple devices would be useful. While we’ve got plenty of features on our to do list, we’re always looking for ways to make Porter better.


Would this be function calls, or more appropriately perhaps, event listeners?

I saw my way easily to event listeners, but being able to broadcast a call to a function on a group of devices would be sweet.,.,

I’m a user… a big fan actually. I particularly like how it presents my JSON data in String variables in-app.

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