iOS App for iPhone & iPad

Hi, are you guys planning to add more features to iPhone Particle App? As of now it’s very unreliable, for instance; triggering Function won’t show anything in Events section as there is no synchronization in the background.
Seeing console and being able to control device would be awesome, Tracker is a good example, its hard to follow its path using browser which spreads entire content all over the place.
Dark mode is needed as well as iPad edition of the App.

Please let us know, thank you :partying_face:


Hi codev3rt-

Thanks for asking! Updating the mobile app is not currently on our roadmap but I will bring these suggestions up internally.


Additionally, function calls and variable requests are not events that show up in the event log. The event log only shows published events.

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I too have experienced some limitations when using the app to diagnose client field devices and prototypes. Some functionality that is pretty common to the web console is simply missing from the mobile app.

The workaround is to access on a mobile browser but since it’s not a responsive web app, it’s rather difficult to be effective when you are required to scroll around the screen to reach all the necessary controls during testing and debugging.

My business provides web and app development services and I personally would love to contribute to the growth of Particle products and offerings. If Particle has any interest in having enhancements made to the mobile app, but would prefer to contract out in the interest of parallel development, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

If you are a Particle user that would like to see improvements made to their mobile app, please make sure to let them know!