Creating RGB Pixel Art?

If you like @peekay123 's cool RGB Matrix projects you may be interested in making animations. I built this little Excel worksheet that allows you to simply paint a “Matrix” with colors and it will build a BitMap for you!

So easy, my kids can use it.

Looks like this:

And as you can see you get a table of values by placing a “1” in the color layer you want.

I thought folks may want to use it, or even better, improve it. I cannot upload an excel file so if you want I will email it to you if you PM me.


You could try placing it on google docs, though I’m not sure if that has full compatibility(?)
Regardless, neat idea!

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good idea…

Link to the workbook here

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Very cool!

I’m dying for some free time to create a killer time + weather + news info app for the LCD screen that uses Pauls RGB boards.

While working on the Sharp Color LCD’s I had to end up using this LCD image creation software to generate the code needed to work with the Sharp Color displays, and it looks like it can also be very useful for the RGB Matrix panels also since it has features for creating the color images + animations.

You can check out the software here if you’re interested:


Very nice… I didn’t find that one when I was looking!

No iOS version :joy: