Creating a subscription based service. On one month and off the next?

Creating a subscription-based service. On one month and off the next?

What is the fastest automated way to create a photon 2 product that can deactivate and reactive the moment a user pays or misses a payment?

I'm thinking of something as easy as Shopify, but I'm sure that's probably not possible? Does Particle have a partner company that can help me manage my billing per device like this out of the box?

There is not built-in facility for billing your customers and handing activations and deactivations.

It's possible because all of the necessary functions are implemented in the Particle Cloud REST API, but it's not something that can be implementing without writing the code that melds your payment service and the cloud API.

Depends how you have the data set up and what are you planning on deactivating and the deliverables the customer is paying for....
Clients' usage of the portal, client's use of the device, reports being generated?
But as @rickkas7 mentioned, there is currently no out-of-the-box solutions.