Could not access to core

hi . i can’t access to my core . in tinker after type SSID & pass and click connect , it says ( NO CORES FOUND. )
also in Build says No Core Found .
I reset factory spark But Don’t Fix :frowning:
about Two Weeks Ago , that’s Was working but now …
Really I Don’t know What To Do :frowning:

Did you look at the steps from the troubleshooting guide in the docs? Also, installing the CC3000 patch/deep update might help. Have you tried connecting your Core over USB, and giving it the credentials that way? What color does the onboard LED have?


What is the colour of your LED? It should be breathing cyan to indicate that it’s connected to Spark :cloud:

Yes i try all the way and instractions!!!
Led Is Breathing cyan … but I can’t flash my core …

Would you mind sending an email to referencing this post and also providing your core’s ID?


I’m not sure what you are trying to achieve here but you need to:

1.) Claim the core
2.) Check that the core is in your list
3.) Attempt to flash a firmware