Core starts flashing blue

I’ve got a core here (55ff6c065075555350441487) that starts flashing blue once I try to send a new firmware to it via the web ide. I also tried to put it into DFU mode for updating etc but it will never flash yellow…
Any ideas?

Try performing a factory reset

Tried that. It worked in other cores, but this one will not Start To flash yellow. Any other Tricks?

I have no clue what flashing blue even means… When you hold on to the Reset button, what does it do?

I just tried it agian. I press both buttons, release the reset, now it starts flashing green… aaaaH!

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just a guess, but I almost sounds like one button (not the reset button the other one) isn’t connected (like a defect). Or the button is broken internally. If you are handy with a tweezer you can try shorting it out manually.

Hey there, if your core is still flashing green, try using this support thread to get it connected to the wifi. Lemme know if the problem still continues.