Core Reset time?

How long should the factory reset take on the core? Mines been flashing green for about 10 minutes. Thanks!!

A factory reset means the Core boots to the default factory firmware. This process takes a few seconds and is indicated by a rapidly flashing WHITE followed by slow flashing BLUE. A flashing GREEN indicates that the Core is trying to connect to a WiFi network and is already reset and booted up.

Could you send us a video of the process/steps you followed?

Are you sure it’s flashing green and not yellow? When you reset keep holding the mode button, it will flash yellow first and then white which is when you should release. If you know all this already then I apologize, it’s just that it caught me out first time around and it’s easy to sort :stuck_out_tongue:

First of all thank you for the prompt replies. This forum is amazing. Here is what I found. If I go through the reset process and hold the mode button until the green starts flashing it will never stop. If I go through the reset process - holding both the reset and mode at the same time, then releasing the reset and shortly after releasing the mode it works fine.

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Sounds like you are not holding Mode long enough?

From the docs:

Hold down the MODE button, tap on the RESET button and wait for ten seconds to do a Factory Reset, where the Core is reprogrammed with the software that was installed on the Core in the factory (the Tinker application). The LED should turn white for three seconds and begin flashing quickly; when the LED switches to another color the Core has been reset. This is useful if you encounter bugs with your firmware, or if you just want to get back to Tinker.

Should probably read:

Factory Reset: Hold down the MODE button and RESET button at the same time, release the RESET button while still holding the MODE button down, wait for ten seconds as the lights change from flashing YELLOW to flashing WHITE to solid WHITE.  Release the MODE button and wait until you see a slow flashing BLUE LED. The Core has now been reprogrammed with the factory software (the Tinker application).  Reconnect your Core with the Spark Core App for iOS or Android and you are back in business! This is useful if you encounter bugs with your firmware and re-flashing your Core from the Sparkulator (Web IDE) continuously fails.


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Thank you for the reply. I was able to get everything figured out. Your explanation was more concise. Thanks


You’ll know the flashing white light when you see it. In fact, you won’t see anything else but a big blind spot for a few minutes.