Core cannot connect to internet

I tried to activate my spark core by following the instructions from

  1. The LED starts with flashes of Blue
  2. Goes to flashing Green
  3. Stays on flashing Green (Occasionally rapid white blink for few seconds and goes back to Green)

I tried troubleshooting by performing factory reset by following the options below and FACTORY RESET went through successful, but still having the same issue. CANNOT CONNECT MY CORE… What should I do next?

1.Hold down BOTH buttons
2.Release only the RST button, while holding down the MODE button.
3.Wait for the LED to start flashing yellow (continue to hold the MODE button)
4.The LED will turn solid white (continue to hold the MODE button)
5.Finally, the LED will turn blink white rapidly
6.Release the MODE button

Flashing green means it can’t connect to your router. Here are some things you can try:

Thanks for the reply. I have tried all the steps listed in the link but unfortunately had no success. I am thinking of returning the product but just dont know how. if possible, Please let me what is return policy for this product.

Hello Deepak,

This problem is usually resolved by updating the patch on the CC3000 module using the Spark CLI. You can download one here:

Follow the instructions here:

If the Core still fails to connect, send us an email at


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