Core breathing cyan immediately after reset, but not connected to cloud

I recently had my core go offline after it’s been online in a project for about two years. I reset it and now it just breaths cyan as soon as it turns on. I tried running ‘particle flash --usb tinker -v’ in DFU which seems to work, but it just goes back to the same thing again.

Are you sure it’s breathing cyan and not white - sometime it’s difficult to distinguish when you haven’t got the direct comparison.

You may also want to reflash the CC3000

particle flash --factory tinker -v
particle flash --usb cc3000 -v
particle flash --usb tinker -v

Actually looking at my running photon at my desk I think you are right. It is breathing white…

First command yields ‘I did not recognize that device name or ID, try opening…’

This sounds a lot like my issue. Is it just dead?

That is possible - I’ve heard of others report similar things due to the CC3000 just dying.