Core at customer location offline after flashing


I have several Spark Cores out in the field at customer locations and after flashing 3 of them with new firmware 2 came back online and 1 has remained offline. The one that was offline was previously connected for 6 days without issues.

So what I’d like to ask the community is: do you reflash devices that are out in the field or is that too dangerous? Is there a failsafe mechanism already in the firmware or should I add something in case the flash takes too long or fails?

What do you do when a device goes offline in the field?

What are you thoughts and experiences with reflashing Cores that are in the hands of customers?


As the core does not have a SAFE mode (connected to :cloud: but user firmware not running) until the new firmware and bootloader is official, you will really need to test that the code runs fine on a reacheable Core before deployment.

There are checks by the core before updating the newly OTA-ed firmware but sluggish/poor internet connection can cause corrupted firmware to be flashed.

Hello @jvanier, I’m sorry to hear of these problems. If you could send me the original firmware that you wanted to send to the core, and a copy of the firmware that is actually on the core, that will enable us to investigate the issue.

To download the firmware that is on the core, connect it via a USB cable to a machine with dfu-util installed and run this command from a command prompt:

dfu-util -d 1d50:607f -a 0 -s 0x8005000:0x1B000 -U ota_firmware.bin

Once again, our apologies for the failure.
Your assistance with this is much appreciated!

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Thanks @mdma. I’ll send you the firmware when I have a chance to download it.