Firmware Update Procedure

I’ve confused myself with regard to researching the faults I have or have gotten since I received my spark core. I.e. it connects then freezes magenta, It connects (breaths cyan) then in 3-4min drops the connection and won’t stop flashing cyan, or the micro controller routen stops when the connection drops.

To clarify, Once all of these issues are resolved, will I need to bother about with a dozen or so applications to update the firmware? or is it as simple as the spark core upgrading itself to the latest firmware release after its been restarted, connected to the cloud and gone through the magenta stage?

I freaking out a bit as we are planning on utilizing the spark as a core components on a mid to large scale sensor system (200+ units), and so far im a bit cagey about the reliability of these cool little devices.

Does anyone know a ball park as to when these issue will be sorted?

Thanks for your time,

@NBSONE That’s right, once your user code is downloaded (flashing magenta), you are receiving the latest firmware.

Factory-reset firmware doesn’t change since the time it is shipped and to update the latest version, you would require dfu. You can do an updated before deploying the core or leave it with the original factory-firmware is fine as well

  1. If the connection to the cloud drops, the user code will not be running (blinking green)

  2. You can disable connection to the :spark: cloud if you don’t need to read/write/perform stuff to the core remotely via API and connect occasionally or triggered by an external button.

  3. Once the non-blocking CC3000 driver is released, you will no longer have to worry about the connections. User code will still run when the connection is dropped.

This should be in the works but the :spark: team would have a better input on the ETA

The :spark: core is the best candidate for such large deployment but we just need to be patient while the improvements get rolled out week to week.! :smile:


It sounds like your core is getting stuck during the automatic over the air update. The latest update firmware has a lot of improvements, and if you flash any code built from the build IDE, you’ll get the latest stability and reconnection improvements. The first update on a busy network can be the hardest, but after that it should get easier. Do you have access to a different WiFi network, to do the initial update?



Oh! The other thing I should mention, we’re about to start another manufacturing run, and during each run we preload the cores with the latest and greatest patches and firmware, so if you’re ordering a bunch, the next batch will have already have the improvements I mentioned.


As Nick asked, I’m also curious about the timeframe on when the blinking cyan/dead core connection issue is going to be resolved…

Only moments after having just dismantled a large portion of an arduino project of mine to implement the spark core (completely rewired everything), I got the blinking cyan flash of death and could no longer sync with the cloud… it took a very long time to dismantle everything, so if a fix is coming soon, I’d rather wait than rebuild only to re-dismantle again a few days from now.

Any guesses on ETA of a fix from the Spark Core team?



Hi @polymerase,

We’re working with TI on this, they made and sent us a CC3000 patch, which helped with some things, but we’re hoping for another patch from them after this weekend.

Keep in mind too that your code doesn’t run in a sandbox, and the build IDE is much more current than stock Tinker. :smile: