Controlling TUYA smart devices from Photon

Hi All,

After several days of searching, I’m surprised I’ve not found the answer so think I’m missing something! - I have a couple of Photons linked to some PIRs and currently HUE bulbs (which is working okay). I want to add some lower cost TUYA smart bulbs into the mix but can’t find any examples where this has been done before using a photon or other particle devices.

I’ve found but no idea how to link that with my photon code…

As the TUYA devices seem to be quite popular (sold under various brand names such as Smart Life), I’m wondering if everyone is using something like and using a webAPI, maybe linked with ??

My end goal is to turn on/off some TUYA bulbs (hopefully with brightness/colour control) and maybe some TUYA plug sockets as easily as possible (so I can integrate into my existing code) :slight_smile:

Can anyone provide any pointers / direction to look next? Has anyone done this before?

P.S. I have the TUYA devices connected via Homebridge to HomeKit if there’s an easy route to control HK devices via the Photon?