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Are their any members of the community that do contract development work? We have a working prototype of a data collection system, we have a few bugs and I know that the code we are running on our boron 2g/3g & LTE systems is not optimised even a fraction of what it could be. I was wondering are there any community members that do contract development as a side gig.

On a separate note, how cool would a contract development marketplace linked to this forum be? Recently within AWS we utilised their inhouse contracting marketplace called IQ, where you can post up a contract job and registered users can bid for the contract. Imagine if we had something like this for particle, where you could look into a users posting history, see how active they are in the community and see what type of issues they have been helping people with. Personally I know that I would feel much more comfortable searching within this community for some contract development help then on a site like fivver or upwork. A marketplace like this could also encourage more users to get involved in helping the community, ultimately lowering the, already low, barrier to rapid prototyping and product development that particle offers.

In no way am I saying that the community needs more of an incentive to be more active. The community here is great, I am always amazed at how quick some of the regular posters are able to find answers for problems that members like myself have encountered.


@StngBo, the marketplace is a great idea though it may run contrary to Particle’s own consulting services. As for bugs, this forum is a great place to address these. What exactly are those bugs? And when you say “optimized”, do you mean code size, readability, what exactly?

I really like the idea of creating an area where product developers / companies can find developers for contract work. Many people in the community have unique skills and experience that projects could benefit from and sometimes those projects are too big to tackle as a community question.

I am a developer with a passion for IoT projects based on the Particle devices.

Mechatronic Solutions LLC


Hey there, I exclusively do contract development work and specialize in IoT, RF and common protocol wireless solutions.

I have a great relationship with Particle and find their product offerings to be incredibly powerful when fully leveraged and the time to market for a connected device to be impressively short.

Together, we have come to market, or are in the process of going to market, with several solutions, from micro mobility asset tracking to custom sensing/tracking low power battery powered end user monitors and solutions.

I would be glad to assist you in any way possible. Please feel free to check out my website at or reach out to me on LinkedIn at

Alexander Mikhail

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