Connection through an Asus RT-AC66U

Has anyone had success connection to the Asus RT-AC66U. I have tried various configurations but I get no response(just contantly blinking blue.) I am going to try to put the credentials in via serial.


Got it working, Woot!! not sure exactly what did it but changed it to legacy mode, removed a _ from the SSID.

Had to go through the app a couple of times, I think the firmware updated at least once on the Core.


Cool, glad you got it working! Always good to hear experiences on different routers. What is legacy mode on that router? We haven’t tested on any 802.11ac routers so curious to hear more about what you encountered.

I think it has to do with BGN mode on the 2.4 band, falls back to bg but I am not exactly sure. When are libraries going to be added to the IDE? The PID library would be really useful and should be fairly platform independent.