Connect Argon to particle cloud through a cloud server and a VPN

Hey everyone,

I'm trying to connect my argon to the cloud, but my university blocks incoming requests. Can I achieve a connection by using a cloud server and VPN?

Please let me know if there is another way.

Thank you!

Yes, but it's tricky. The problem is that the Argon cannot directly use a VPN, so you'd need a second AP downstream from the VPN that the Argon can connect to.

This is how I've done it:

Site LAN <-Wi-Fi-> Laptop <-Ethernet-> Mini-AP <-Wi-Fi-> Argon

The laptop runs the VPN, and the laptop is configured to route the Ethernet traffic over the VPN.

The Mini-AP was a TP-LINK TL-702N which is an older model, but it should work with similar devices.

The caveat is that if you are an environment that blocks rogue access points this won't work. Using a Boron (cellular) is the best option in this case.

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