Configure for Device - Device Name cannot be changed or deleted once set

This is simply getting a bit annoying.

When using Configure for Device - when you get to the Device ID or Name? if I have previously filled in a name I can alter the name but I can’t delete it and hit escape - that just keeps the name. Is there a workaround for this rather than just relaunching Workbench?

delete the entry and then press the <enter> key - <esc> cancels the dialog itself

Duh…why did I miss that?

When I go on to Local Flash a device why would I not be able to automatically get the device to go into DFU mode? Is there a restriction on the characters in the name or perhaps something with OS 2.0.0 - this used to work so well?
The name in question that doesn’t work is ‘Cedar-Alarm-Box’.

I have just spent a very frustrating afternoon trying to get a relatively simple program to work - continually getting panic resets after a minute of operation. Interesting that restarting Workbench and local compiling came back with a number of Warnings in a library - I have fixed these and hey-presto no more panic, hard faults!
Setting this to solved - good job I tried restarting Workbench to clear the device name - which is doesn’t!