Completely Dead Photon

Hey there everybody,

So I’m using a couple of Photons, each with their own Power Shield (the official Particle one) using them with the 3.7V LiPo batteries that ship with the shield. They’re sending UDP straight into Max/MSP from a few analog pots (FSRs and an IR) that are powered by the Photon, and have all the appropriate resistors etc.

But, one of my Photons just completely died, right in the middle of transmitting. Plugging USB into the power shield, or directly into the Photon, or battery into the power shield, does not result in any lights coming on or any transmission occurring. I’ve tried holding down the reset button and the setup button, to no avail.

I’m fairly sure that it’s dead and I’m mostly resigned to having to buy a new one, but I just wanted to check that nobody has a magical solution that might help me out here?

Thanks heaps!

You could take the device out of the Power Shield, power via USB and check the voltages Vin -> GND ands 3v3 -> GND.
Depending on these readings there might be a solution - or not :wink: