Compiling & flashing issues ParticleDev

I use ParticleDev for developing and flashing.

I have had no problems until this monday. I click on the ray to compile and flash the code I just wrote so the device get the latest version.
I have found that multiple times I just get a binary from an old version. Maybe I have to hit 10 or 12 times to flash before the ide shows a “compiling on the cloud” message.

And also, some of those times, I get an old binary too.

Are there more people with this problem? Can I clean the binary my account has before clicking on the ray?

Besides that, I am trying to use semiautomatic mode in my devices. They cannot connect to wifi network ( I will open another post for this issue), so green light is blinking while my code is executing. Whenever I want to flash a new code, I put the device in blinking purple mode to wait for a new binary. This mode goes out and start executing the current program before new binary arrives multiple times. I have never seen this behaviour untill this week. My firmware version is 0.6.2

Let me ping someone that might be able to help, @rickkas7 are you able to assist?