Compile error only with new version of Device OS

I am getting a compiler error with latest version of Device OS but not with older versions.
Error version Device OS=3.0.0 rc2.
Earlier version with no error: 1.5.4 rc2
Device Argon:
Code: Bluetooth LE | Tutorials | Particle

Error log:

Since the code is well established and tried many times, I suspect this may be an issue with the compiler. For now, I am using the older version of Device OS compiler.

Hi @sunder - there is a breaking change in 3.x with respect to BleScanResult methods. We will be releasing documentation around this change in the near future.

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The documentation is now updated. You can download the new version from the BLE tutorials, or you can just apply the change to your code.

The fields of BleScanResult used to be member variables but now they are functions in Device OS 3.0 and later. Thus you must include () when getting the value of these fields of BleScanResult.

  • address() The BLE address of the device
  • advertisingData() The advertising data sent by the device
  • scanData() The scan data (optional)
  • rssi() The signal strength of the advertising message.

@marekparticle , @rickkas7 : Thank you for the quick turn around!