Comparison with STM32CubeIDE


Perhaps unsurprisingly after ST bought up Atollic they have now deprecated TrueStudio for their own new STM32CubeIDE. So I’m trying to decide if I change to the new ST tool, or change to Workbench.

Has anyone tried both and can make a comparison?


Workbench works with Particle, ST doesn’t (as far as I’m aware). VS code is also one of the most popular IDEs worldwide, is maintained and updated well and often.


Sorry how certain are you of that?

It is my understanding that it is built on Atollic’s TrueStudio which I have been using to build Particle code for the last couple of years.


Not certain at all, to be honest. Workbench is a first class integration however, maintained by Particle so it works with the least amount of effort and should be plug & play.
There are, of course, other ways you could program the devices, probably including ST. I was assuming you wanted a plug & play solution, since most people ask for that (“does this work with Arduino?”).


No not necessarily. TrueStudio is/was great, good integration with both St-Link and Segger debuggers, integration with ST ETM port, plus other similar features.

I’m more interested to know what sort of support Workbench has for these type of low-level debugging features compared to TrueStudio / STM32CubeIDE; and if anyone has had experience with new this new STM IDE how they found it compared to Workbench.