Poll and advanced learning resources

  1. What is your preferred full featured IDE?
  2. Learning Particle firmware functions?
  3. Learning STM32 functions?

Now to illustrate that I did some research before asking:

  1. I have the programmer shield, but it isn’t configured yet. There is already Atom and the web for text IDE’s, I saw a STM32 tutorial with a timer graph using Visual Studio (I mainly use Mac but it can be anything)
  2. I found the STM32 programming manual
  3. The firmware for Particle is open source and available on GitHub

I don’t know what I don’t know. Any suggestions to make my learning efficient would be awesome.

I learned on the TI MSP430 and the MSP432 Cortex-M4, so some carries over but I’ve focused on learning c vs. c++ and libraries so far. I’m wanting to do things I knew how to do, but it’s different on the STM32. For example itializing a timer and the value in the compare register to make custom PWM, or resulting in interrupts. I know there is the amazing SparkIntervalTimer library but I don’t think reverse enginerring that would be the most efficient way to learn what I want.

We have the wonderful setADCSampleTime() but having an ADC interrupt trigger when a sample was complete was simple when I knew what to do, but now I’m looking for resources. It seems like attachSystemInterrupt() is what I want.

I have found a resources for the cloud libraries

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