Communicating a microcontroller to sensor over internet


I am trying to use a DHT22 sensor to turn on/off a dehumidifier. The DHT22 is connected to an page through a separate microcontroller. I want my photon microcontroller to read that data from the webpage and then tell the dehumidifier to do a certain task. Any help with the coding would help! Thanks

There is too little info about the makeup of your data to properly assist, but webhooks would be one keyword to investigate and also why not have the DHT22 connected to the Photon or have the other µC directly talk to the Photon?


I am new to this btw…
How would the first microcontroller talk to the photon? Through internet I assume?

Have you got any more info on the microcontroller used, the way it currently sends the data to your server and still how the webpage would deliver the data.


I am trying to set up the sensor in a separate part of the room from the photon, that is why I am not simply connecting the sensor straight to it. Right now we have a microcontroller with the sensor, that sensor logs it’s data on our dashboard. I want my photon to read that over the internet and then turn on/off based off that reading. If possible

If i understand you correctly, your micro posts the sensor data to some website. You want your particle to get that data and perform some action with it. If this is the case you can use
to do that. This is what I use with my photon to grab sunrise and sunset data from web sites to turn lights on and off. using that site you can pull any info from any site.

Here is a video that explains using thignsspeak