Change Photon output pin state trough wifi


I want to do one simple thing, which is to send a variable to photon trough wifi, so that I can control anything connected to the microcontroller by my computer.
How can it be done?

At first, I’m trying to test it via my computer’s keyboard. So
press character -> something here -> photon receives character through wifi -> photon executes commnand

In the long term, I have a C++ program that right now makes serial communication with Photon trough USB and I wish to just not use the USB anymore.

I took for a fact it would be an easy task, but I’m having some difficulties in implementing that and finding an answer on the forum. Sorry if it has been answered before, and please take into account that I don’t have much experience in microcontrollers.

Thank you

@seidi, you can use the Particle.function() on the Photon and pass it a your command text. This is how Particle Tinker works.


Are you trying to to control the Photon over the cloud? If so, you want to use Particle.function(), which exposes a function to the cloud and lets you call it with a POST request.


Why don’t you check out the Tutorials category here in the forum?

There is lots of good info in there!


I’m going to work on that! Thank You