"COMING SOON! Detailed instruction for flashing over JTAG and DFU using Particle's bootloader"

Can anyone on the Particle Team speak to when this might be forthcoming?

Specifically, the topic question is from the Particle Guide: https://docs.particle.io/guide/how-to-build-a-product/manufacturing/#programming-the-device

There is some verbiage on JTAG here, but I’m wondering what my other options might be for offline app loading?

Also, does anyone here run a Photon after executing particle.disconnect() in setup()?

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Either Serial or DFU should work, though the latter is preferred since it has better error output.

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Have you looked at SYSTEM_MODE and considered using SEMI_AUTOMATIC?

Thanks for your reply @Moors7… I’ll be trying the CLI in a short bit so I can get an idea about the time involved via direct USB. I’ve been following your replies on a similar thread as well: How to upload .bin into photon

Excellent point @peekay123 . This nets the same result as I’m looking to run Photons w/o any Particle Cloud connectivity. Thanks for the suggestion.

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