Code Completion?


We have started using the Boron, and it’s nice and all - but I have become so used to having intelligent development environments that I feel like I’m back in the last millenium when programming it. Neither the web IDE nor the visual studio code Particle Workbench seem to have code completion (showing what might be possible if you write a dot after a variable, e.g. with a bluetooth scan result “scanresult” I cannot type


and get a list of its members, but need to instead search the documentation and find out what is in there:
This is inefficient, and sometimes I cannot find the information needed, e.g. for the BleScanResult there is a description, but for its member BleAdvertisingData I have been unable to find anything in the documentation (there seems to be a .name field, but other than that I’m uncertain what I can do with that data…).

Will there be an IDE with code completion any time soon?


Hi Martin, I’m going to pass along your feedback internally. It’s worth noting that this does work in Workbench, just without annotation. I also use a lot of code completion when I work in other arenas and I have found it very useful.