Classes needed for down loading software on your particle boards and setup projects that go with it

Classes needed for down loading software on different particle boards and the setups that libraries-projects you will be using with add-on board’s for different application & controls.

@RussC - Welcome to the Particle Community!

Have you checked out the Quick start and Tutorials area within the Docs.Particle.IO?

The IoT Starter kit I think is a good place to get started depending on your experience level.

We all learn differently (videos, forums, tutorials, examples, etc.) I think these links are a good place to get started along with the rest of I typically go to the If you prefer a Video based approach, check out the Particle You tube channel as it has several 101 series videos:

Here is a specific one about using firmware libraries:

Hope that helps gets you going! If you have more specific questions, I’d first recommend searching docs, searching past posts within the community and if you still can’t find the answer post it here. Lots of particle experts and users are within this community willing to help!

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