Claiming ownership of Particle Photon

Hi Guys,

i bought a bunch of old Hydroculture farms.
so i am the new legal owner of it. also can proof it.

unfortunately the Photons are still locked to the insolvent, not longer existing organisation, which build these farms.

is there any option to claim ownership, without reset.
the used code on these photons is important for these farms, there is no way to get them running without it.

maybe there is also a way to backup these Photons before reset them and reflash them with the same files after getting ownership?

sorry i´m new to IoT solutions and my english is not the best.

i hope someone can help me.

Thanks a lot.

That sounds very frustrating, I'll see how I can help!

Please DM me the device ids and proof of ownership. Any information you have on the original company who made them will also be helpful.

Hey Colleen,

I reached out to you a week ago.
Seems like you forgot me.

Thanks a lot