Claiming Electron with Hologram SIM - can't get past rapid cyan

I have an electron device that was previously used with a particle sim.

I since picked up a hologram sim, it’s active according to the hologram dash

I flashed the electron with a firmware with the hologram APN, as per these steps.

The device boots and connects to the internet but is stuck at rapid flashing cyan.

How can I get it to work, I believe I have done all that is necessary.


have you read this thread?,

I have now.

My device never flashes anything other than cyan, no reds or yellows.

My USB cable is good, I have flashed hundreds of firmware images with it, several in last day to try and get it working.

Weirdly the serial inspect doesn’t work though, I get timeout. I also can’t do particle identify.

Which Electron (G350, U260, or U270)?
And what Device OS version do you have on your Electron?

I tested an Elecron U260 (3G Americas) running Device OS 1.0.0 in the United States with a Hologram SIM and it worked fine.

The best way to troubleshoot this is:

  • Upgrade to Device OS 1.0.0
  • Make sure you use both USB and the LiPo battery
  • Run the Electron Cloud Debug Utility:
  • Use a bidirectional terminal program like PuTTY or CoolTerm on Windows or screen on Mac or Linux.
  • Use the ‘a’ option to set the APN to “hologram”.
  • Run the ‘t’ option to run the test. Capturing the log output is helpful as well.
  • Make sure you completely power down the device including removing USB and battery power for 10+ seconds when changing the APN.
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