Claimed Photons via CLI show as unknown

I have been claiming my photons via the CLI but they show up as unknown in the IDE and when I call particle list.

Does this matter?
Should I be claiming them differently so that they show up as Photons?

This is in connection with your other question

Nope, totally unrelated.

In this question I am asking about the right way to claim photons so they appear as photons, I don’t want to use the app.

In the other question I am asking how to remove products from the organisations dashboard.

Nope, it’s not not related :wink:
The usual cause for this is that the PRODUCT_ID for a device was set (e.g. via dashboard) to something else than the original :particle: Particle PRODUCT_ID and hence is treated as OTHER.

Are we talking about the PRODUCT_ID that is used when writing code for a product in the organisations dashboard so that it can be flashed OTA? If so this is unrelated.

I can reproduce this behavior by:
I claim a brand new photon from the CLI using "particle device add DEVICE_ID"
It immediately shows up as an unknown device in CLI, BUILD, DEV.
No code was flashed to the device.

Example: C4 was claimed via CLI, C5 was claimed via the app.

C4 [xxx] is online
C5 [xxx] (Photon) is offline

OK, now I hear you going - sorry!

Has the Photon been connected to the internet while you were claiming it?
Could you try particle setup instead to go throught the whole process as the app would do it?

Yes it was, this has been my claiming process:

  • particle identify to get the DEVICE_ID
  • particle setup wifi to connect to the cloud
  • particle device add DEVICE_ID

I have not tried particle setup, I will do that next.


You might have to release/unclaim the “OTHER” device first tho’.

Particle setup works, not sure how I missed that.


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