ChiliPeppr's Serial Port JSON Server

When using tech products in a classroom, I often have issues installing the software (example Client), part of the reason I try to make example programs that don’t use serial.print. See lots of stuff at
Teaching High School Robotics with the Spark Photon

I tend to do a lot of cloud programming with students using Cloud 9 to get around the installation issues for both at school and at the students homes. So is anyone familiar with Arduino’s new online serial port ChiliPeppr’s Serial Port JSON Server. I am going to try to get it going on Cloud 9, wondering if anyone has any opinions about it, or similar services?

Basically I will try to get the Client program running on Cloud 9.

10 minutes later…
In seems that I have to install the server on my local machine USB connected to my Photon and then communicate through the cloud. This may not work well in my classroom, but may be interesting to someone else.

another good link is at

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