Charger + Current Sensor Layout Boron

I have a project where I’m using solar power to charge a battery while also using a current sensor to monitor the voltage.

As far as wiring it to the Boron.
Should I run my solar charger into the Boron’s VUSB, then connect the battery with the Current Sensor to the Boron’s LiPo pin?
Or should I connect the charger, Lipo and Current Sensor all to the Borons Lipo pin?

I have a felling one way is better than the other but I’m not sure which.
The Solar charger won’t have a constant V-out (max 4.4v) so I’m not sure if it makes sense to run it through the VUSB. But I’m also not sure what damage I might be doing to the Boron pushing charging voltage through the LiPo pin.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated…