BORON - VUSB as VIN + using Lipo connector to monitor voltage

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I am using the particle boron in a small scale fleet of temperature monitoring equipment. I have a question about using the Lipo connector to monitor voltage at the same time as using VUSB as the supply rail for the boron.

I am supplying VUSB with 5.0V as the power supply for the boron. The overall project has a battery backup and charging module elsewhere on the main PCB. My question is -

I would like to run a set of parallel leads to the Lipo connector from a lipo battery elsewhere in the project to allow me to use the boron fuel gauge to monitor the battery but use the VUSB as the power supply of the board.

Is this possible?


I would not do that. The Li pins are not only connected to the MAX17043 fuel gauge, but also to the bq24195 PMIC. There are so many possible cases where the PMIC could engage charging while your external circuit is also trying to charge, which could damage one or both chargers, or overcharge the battery.

It would be better to use an external fuel gauge than try to use the one on the Boron.