Solar Charger + Boron VUSB or LiPo

This may be a question for the Adafruit people but I’m not sure…

So I have a solar power project with a boron and I’m using the solar charger from Adafruit.

Its has a Battery terminal and LoadOut terminal.
Since the Boron also has a VUSB, should I use the Charger’s Load out… then connect to the Borons VUSB? Or should I use the Solar Charger’s Battery Terminal… then connect that directly to the Lipo pin on the Boron?

One thing about this Charger is that it has Smart load sharing automatically uses the input power when available, to keep battery from constantly charging/discharging.

What I’m worried about is that the charger will constantly send charging power to the Boron because it’s always on and not charge the battery.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions…

This specific solar panel manager can only work for Boron LTE, because version 2G/3G has a peak current of 1800mA and the solar panel manager only provide 1500mA most.

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