Charge Lipo With Solar Cells

Looking to add solar cells to the Boron to recharge a 3.7v lipo plugged into "jst" port of Particle Boron. Shall I just wire the solar cells into the "vusb" pin? Or maybe connect positive of solar cells to the "Li+" pin with a rectifying diode? Will that charge the battery or only attempt to run the particle on the solar?

I don't want the boron running on the solar, as I don't believe that'll be enough current; only want to charge the battery.

Trying to avoid cutting and splicing directly into the positive lead of the lipo, but will if I must.

Thank you!

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Connect a 6V or 12V solar panel to the VUSB pin and GND on the Boron.

This video is for the Tracker One, but the process is mostly the same. You may need to adjust the maximum charge rate based on the size of your panel, which is described in the video.

Don't do this on the Argon or Photon 2; they don't have a PMIC chip and have different maximum voltages on the VUSB pin!


Excellent thank you!