Changes in android library does not reflect (moved from Troubleshooting)

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First I would like to ask you to post this and future similar issues in the mobile category. It is meant as a resource for app devs using Particle iOS/Android SDKs. With your permission, I moved the discussion here.

Second It’s very likely that since you added the compile 'io.particle:devicesetup:0.1.3' line to your gradle file the lib is compiled and built from the maven repo and not from the local project that is why you don’t see changes reflected in this lib but do see changes in your app. Look for a comment in the build.gradle file for the example project which shows how to compiling the project instead of the Gradle dependency

Also - you can integrate the lib locally by downloading it.

Let me know if this helps


I made change in the from the example app and that solve the problem. thank you for the help.

In this line:

    compile ''
//    compile 'io.particle:devicesetup:0.1.2'
    // If you want to test out changes you've made to the setup lib source using this example app,
    // comment out the line above, and uncomment this line below.
    compile project(':devicesetup')

Excellent! Thanks for the update.
Happy to help.