Android App Not Running

I recently tried to get an older Android App working again. Since it didn't work when call Particle I was wondering if my version of the SDK is still supported.

In my build gradle I have the following version of Particle sdk.

implementation 'io.particle:devicesetup:0.4.9'

My app is NOT AndroidX since I see that in order to go to the latest SDK
implementation 'io.particle:cloudsdk:1.0.1 it needs to be refractor to AndroidX.

My question is 'io.particle:devicesetup:0.4.9' still supported or am I forced to upgrade to ANDROIDX?

If so what is the best way to upgrade, I am at
Android compileSdkVersion 33

Thanks for your help.

It would be extremely difficult to build the Particle mobile app for Android as it has not been touched in 4 years and there are dependencies that are no longer available or do not work with current versions of the Android SDK.

Additionally, the Particle Device Setup SDK for Android is both not compatible with current versions of the Android SDK, and also does not work with Gen 3 and Gen 4 Particle devices (Argon, P2, Photon 2, M-SoM Wi-Fi).


Thanks for the quick answer..

After updating my android app to current AndroidX and getting it to compile with the new

I was able to create a signed APK ok.

I also added "ParticleCloudSDK.init(this);" to my Application class.

Now on start up it crashes. When I take out the "ParticleCloudSDK.init(this);" statement I'm at least able to start my app.

So it looks like I'm still have something issues. Any ideas on why I crash when the
"ParticleCloudSDK.init(this);" is added or where should I look next?


What does Logcat say? It should give you some sort of error message.