Change SoftAP IP Address to something other than

Hi Community,

I’m wondering there is a API exposed to change the SoftAP local host IP address to something else like rather than

The non-tech users might forget to connect to the AP first and try to go to and that leads to their router setting page. They might get confused and that’s a bad user experience.

Thank you very much!

I believe it is in the code, if I’m looking at it right, on mine it shows the URL, as: “”

(const char script_js[] = "var base_url='

I can’t change and test right now as I’m waiting for some more photons to come in.

@codemonkeyboris, the same thing will happen if someone setup their router at! Granted that most routers come pre-configured for but getting the AP page is a good indication that you haven’t connected to the devices AP!

No the base_url is just a variable used for concatenate urls. I guess it might be something in the System Firmware setting this.

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