IP adresses the wrong way in HAL branch


I tried the firmware-feature-hal-no-cloud and got a strange behaviour of the WiFi class. If I use this

str->print( "IP Address: "); str->println(WiFi.localIP());
str->print( "Subnetmask: "); str->println(WiFi.subnetMask());
str->print( "Gateway   : "); str->println(WiFi.gatewayIP());

I get the IP adresses and subnet masks the wrong way. If I have the IP adress it displays
On the main branch this works ok. What is wrong?

Thank you

Hey @Bluescreen

The feature/hal-no-cloud was an old experimental branch which didn’t have the latest bug fixes from the main hal branch. I’ve merged the code from the no-cloud branch into the main hal branch so you can get all the latest bug fixes as well as the no cloud support. Please pull feature/hal and continue to use that going forward. :smile:

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where are all the branches gone? If I go to GIT via web I only see the master branch. Nothing else. What happened to all the other stuff?

I don’t know git very much, so maybe I do something wrong?


@Bluescreen, I can see the no problem in latest Chrome on Win7x64 :smile: