Hard fault when calling WiFi.off() - feature/hal

Hi all,

I wanted to upgrade my code to work with the new firmware (feature/hal branch) and noticed that now my code is broken. My core throws me a hard fault as soon as I call WiFi.off(). I made a small code example to show the issue. Anyone who can help me out?

Thank you!

/* Includes ------------------------------------------------------------------*/
#include "application.h"


/* This function is called once at start up ----------------------------------*/
void setup()
    WiFi.setCredentials("ssid", "password");

    if (WiFi.hasCredentials()) {
        // Check for proper internet connection

        // Keep waiting for credentials untill given
        while (WiFi.connecting()) {}

        if (WiFi.ready())

/* This function loops forever --------------------------------------------*/
void loop()

It shouldn’t create a hard fault, but I think SYSTEM_MODE(AUTOMATIC) and WiFi.off() won’t play well together anyway.

I tested all system modes to rule out that the cause was only present in SEMI_AUTOMATIC or MANUAL mode… I now changed my code example for the sake of clarity… :wink:
This code compiled online on spark builder does work on my core but when I try to use it with the feature/hal branch I get the hard fault…

Thanks for trying the feature/hal branch!

I’ve successfully reproduced the issue - I’ll get back to you later with a permanent fix.

The problem is related to the system closing the cloud socket after the call to WiFi.off() - ideally all sockets should be closed before shutting down the wifi module.

A temporary workaround would be to disconnect the cloud, and waiting for it to be disconnected before shutting off the wifi module.


Indeed closing the cloud and checking it is closed before calling WiFi.off() fixes the issue… I changed following file, spark_wiring_wifi.cpp by adding #include "delay_hal.h" on top and added following lines in the WiFiClass::off() method

void WiFiClass::off(void) {
        WiFiClass::disconnect(); // Added
        HAL_Delay_Microseconds(50000); //Added


This works for me, does this look okay to you guys? I am new to changing the wrapper firmware, probably adding the delay is not a real good thing to do I guess?

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