[SoftAP] configure-ap command fails with code -1103 with TCP SoftAP


I’m working through some issues we’re having with SoftAP. One issue that is consistently happening is that when I try to run the configure-ap command, I get a response of {“r”:-1103}.

Our setup: P1 with system firmware 0.6.2. Testing with the softap-setup-js library using the TCP flavor. Host is a Mac laptop running the node script.

Any idea what that -1103 is telling me? I have searched through the system softap code and soft-ap.md file (which is very helpful) but unable to find any documentation on the error codes.

Thank you!

I still don’t know what the -1103 code means, but I discovered that if I turned off the system thread (Commenting out SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED) the TCP-based SoftAP flow works as expected. I get a response of {"r":0} from the configure-ap command.

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Thank you for posting your solution!