Getting error code -17168

We’re using the Android SDK and discovery library, and one Photon P1 device has started giving us a consistent error code -17168 when trying to configure its softAP. Here are the logs:

06-04 11:14:06.160 10907-11290/ I/CommandClient: Preparing to send command 'configure-ap’
06-04 11:14:06.180 10907-11290/ I/CommandClient: *** BUILT COMMAND DATA: 'configure-ap\n318\n\n{“ch”:1,“pwd”:“33472d9b05371144e1edcdc0abeb1441dc96aa73028b383ac161427b3303272ca3cfdb3f7b26243f976d187cdae0aef7830fd17d332d1bda92c8d1b512c1043a11a580cb12bc28b1ec25c18d9a72d51284117eb9a4a89cf9bdf688644b2a961994c498d9a5adf73a9aa129e2f48848744bc9341c969b240f5dd8e17a59caea6b”,“idx”:0,“ssid”:“InspiringApps”,“sec”:4194308}'
06-04 11:14:06.200 10907-11290/ D/CommandClient: Writing command data
06-04 11:14:06.210 10907-11290/ D/CommandClient: Reading response data…
06-04 11:14:06.651 10907-11290/ D/CommandClient: Command response (raw): \n{“r”:-17168}
Command response: Response{responseCode=-17168}

What does error -17168 mean?

Let me ping someone that might be able to help, @rickkas7 or @ParticleD are you able to assist?