Change names for the Pin names (particle mobile application)

Hello ,
I just started using the particle photon circuit and i tried to download the “blink an led” and “web-connected led” example from build particle website, after that i connected my circuit to the particle app in my i-phone and i succeed to change the input/output pins from the application.
But i have a project and i need to change the pin names from the particle mobile application, is it possible to do that?
and can i write and download a new program from my windows to my circuit and access to its input/output pins from particle mobile application?
please advise me to get started.

The android app is open source so you can download the source code, make the necessary changes and compile a new mobile app.

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Thank you sir, but my question is if can i change the name of the pins in the particle mobile app ( for example “D7” ------> “automation” or “lock”).
And can i download the program from windows and access to the same program from particle mobile app??

It’s not as trivial as you would like it to be.

Possible options:

  1. Create your own web application that called the API endpoints
  2. Modify the mobile app source code and compile your own app

:+1:thank you

You can access functions and variables from the console. You could also use a page I once wrote if you’d like to.

Hello sir , i have same problem as you. Did you solve this " change names for the Pin names " problem ? İf u solve , can you help me ?