Reading or changing the name of Particle device used as a BLE peripheral


We’re really excited to use the BLE API on our Particles, and there is a question that we had while reading the documentation and the tutorials. Our way of connecting to the Particle from a mobile device has been to change the name of the BLE peripheral to a recognizable one. It seems that devices have random names like “Argon-WVY6DG” – what method can read or change this name?

Thank you! Been waiting on this for a long while.

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Interested to see if you got anywhere on this? Am on the same part of my code, wondering whether I can change the name of my device to some other sensor name…

Have you found a solution to that? Or is it a particle device is bug?

The device name can be changed. I added that to my code today. Its just on my computer at work. Will add the code tomorrow… just cant think of it off the top of my head…

Try this

void setup()
BLE.setDeviceName("Insert new name here");
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