Cellular network provider changing

Guys, we are in huge trouble right now.
We have about 50 Electrons with Particle SIMs in the field and half of them suddenly cannot get a cellular connection or need a long time to connect and eventually time out. Some of them however make it without a problem (connection time 20 secs) or with a higher connection time (120 secs).

Right now in our city (Stuttgart, Germany) the provider O2/Telefonica (which is used by Particle, right?) is merging with another network provider (E-plus) and they are consolidating the transmitters.

Our suspicion is that this might cause our problems.

In the FAQ it reads:
“Your devices need to be able to receive OTA-Messages. They should not preselect the network they are using (e.g. in their firmware). Both network codes (o2: 262-07; E-Plus: 262-03) need to be available.”

In a mail they sent to all their direct M2M-customers they said:
“We strongly advise you to carry out a manual network selection with the network identification 262-03. After that you can revert your device to automatic network selection.
By doing this you ensure that your devices also work in case the network identification changes.”

So - has anyone experienced similar problems or has a hint how to solve all this?
How would I approach a manual network selection?

You’d need to find the appropriate AT command for the ublox module and send that via Cellular.command()


Thanks for the input! That’s a point to start from

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