How to select a preferred network operator with Electron



I’ve tested for days an Electron in a town succesfully and now after moving it in a different place it has problems connecting to the cellular network and even when connected it seems it can not send data.

I’m using a third-party SIM (thingsmobile) that works with all operators.

I’ve found that when in the town it was connected to ITAWI operator (Wind) and after moving it was connected to ITAOM (Vodafone). We know that Vodafone there has some problem even with phones, but we are pretty sure there are other carrier that works well (Wind / Tim / tre).

Question is there a way to skip the ITAOM operator?

How the cellular choose the best operator to connect with?


I found the AT+COPS=4,… command can help me choosing a preferred operator and switch back in automatic mode if fails. I still have few doubts when call it.