Cellular network Outdated session data

After telephony partner maintenance window on July 24th, few of my electron are failing to connect. I have attached the diagnostics report. It is still showing the same outdated session after resetting the electron. LED is solid red.

I have two electrons out in the field that are showing the same (device vitals unhealthy, sim card healthy/active, cellular network warning, device cloud healthy). I don’t have access to the devices right now, so I have no idea if they are flashing red or otherwise.

They last reported in at 10pm last night (mountain daylight time). My other two devices are working fine.

The console shows zero data use by these two devices for the entire month of July, which is impossible, as they have been faithfully sending updates every 20 minutes for the entire month until yesterday evening. The other two working devices show normal data use in the console.


Exactly. We are having same issue. Did you talked with Particle?

Could you submit a support ticket with the Device ID or ICCID for a few devices that are experiencing problems?


Support ticket submitted.

I also had two electrons apparently affected by this, Our customer performed a cold boot on one that was accessible and that restored it. Pryor to the reset they described the light as blue, I’m guessing this was cyan.