3 Electrons went Down - Can not Ping Electron but the Health Check shows all Green

Hey All,

I have multiple Electrons installed at various locations in Georgia. Recently, 3 electrons went offline at the same time around 4 pm on August 28. I tried to debug on Particle Console. I can not Ping those 3 devices, but they all show green in the health check. What can go wrong? Is it a Cellular issue? When the customer reset the electron, the LED is RED. When the electron is not connected to the Particle cloud, the firmware makes LED to RED.

Do you know which version of DeviceOS the Electrons are running?

Do you know which red pattern the RGB is blinking?

Could you describe your application a little?

Do you have any periods where the application could be causing the cellular connection to drop?

You may also need to clarify if the customer really sees red or does he maybe misinterpret magenta as red?

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