Cellular network warning outdated session data

After working fine for over six months, few electrons under my account had stopped responding. On running diagnostics, device vitals, SIM card & Device Cloud are showing healthy but the Cellular Network is showing the following warning - Outdated Session Data.

The cellular session was reported as inactive, but your device was responsive to the Device Cloud. This discrepancy is likely due to latency in session data reported by cellular carriers, which causes these tests to temporarily become out-of-sync. This issue normally resolves itself within a few minutes.

The user firmware has been stable over six months, so we don’t suspect it has something to do with the user firmware. The device is running DeviceOS : 0.7.0.

What can go wrong for this to happen?

Hi there @ravbrar. My company is also seeing recent issues w/ connectivity, and have seen the same symptom that device vitals / other things are heatlhy, but Cellular Network shows the ‘Outdated Session Data’ message. Did you find a resolution?

@jeiden (hey there, I’m Pavel w/ Opti) I have also seen this thread Outdated Session Data related to Outdated Session Data which is making me wonder if there is a wider spread issue impacting multiple people. We are at around 11 in-the-field devices that have been running fine for quite some time and are now experiencing outages in the minutes to hours range. We noticed this recently and don’t have a full picture painted yet / have not had our hands on a device for further diagnosis, but I am wondering if you all have seen / fixed this for any customers. We’ll be reaching out via official support channels w/ more info like device IDs but I wanted to also post back here to see if you or @ravbrar have found a resolution / have any more info that could be useful to the community. Thanks!

Hi folks,

Wanted to provide a bit of an update on this.

I spoke with some of our reliability folks about this.

The error message in question is one that is a very generic message in regards to monitoring connectivity. It could be indicative of an error but isn’t necessarily an indication of degraded service.

If you are acknowledging that everything appears to be functioning normally outside of this warning message, I would not be too concerned.

If you are acknowledging issues, due to the overarching reach this message has, the symptoms leading to it may differ from the symptoms causing another user to experience this. For diagnosing devices in a bad state and exhibiting this message, it would be best to start from “ground zero” if you will, and try not to start from context of other posts referencing this same session data message, as it may lead to a couple of false leads when troubleshooting.

@ppatino if you have not filed a ticket for your specific devices already, I encourage you to do so. :slight_smile:

We’re in touch w/ support @mstanley - thanks for the response. At the time I added this comment, my company had started seeing a number of devices seeing this message, and then I noticed two threads (this and another one) with similar recent comments, so I wanted to see if there was any commonality. But like you said, this is a wide-reaching message, so we’re treating it accordingly.